The PUREAIR smokehood specifications

30 minutes of protection
The PUREAIR smokehood has been thoroughly tested so it can be used as protection against smoke (carbon monoxide) and toxic smoke particles (toxic gas) for at least 30 minutes. Effectiveness depends on the concentration of toxic fumes and dust.

Tested and approved
The smokehood protects against hydrogen cyanide (HCN), hydrogen chloride (HCl), carbon monoxide (CO) propenal (acrolein) and other gases. It has the CE mark approval, meets requirements of the EC/S/812/2012 standard and has been tested in accordance with this.

Item Test gas Concentration Breakthrough Challenge Minutes
1 Acrolein 100 0.5 15 > 30
2 HCI 1000 5 15 > 30
3 HCN 400 10 15 > 30
4 CO 2500 200 15 > 30

The PUREAIR smokehood is designed and manufactured to filter and protect against toxic smoke and toxic gases that can arise from hazardouz fire. The hood does not supply oxygen.

Inhalation (resistance): < 800 Pa
Breathe (resistance): < 300 Pa

5 years in original packaging.