Enhance your chances to survive fire

The PUREAIR smokehood is a disposable smokehood made to protect against toxic fumes, toxic gases and particles from fire. The hood’s particle 
filter is designed to be used only once. The PUREAIR smokehood is:

  • Made of flameresitant and self-extinguishing material
  • The orange color and reflective ability makes it extra visibile
  • The hood is easy to wear – even with glasses, long hair and beard
  • The hood’s glass visor gives a very good visibility and is anti-dew
  • The elastic collar makes it easy to wear the adjustable hood
  • Soft and comfortable, easy to breath through – both nose and mouth

Flameresistant and protective materials

The PUREAIR smokehood protects against burning ashes, dangerous fumes and flames up to approx. 800o, is a filtering device with a flameresistant seal. It is produced in protective materials and provides necessary protection against respiratory diseases, head and eye protection and facilitates evacuation.

Smoke kills. The PUREAIR smokehood can help save lives.

Studies show that a large proportion of people who do not survive under fire are loosing their lives because of smoke caused by flames ie. by inhalation toxic smoke particles and other toxic gases.

To include your fire protection with smokehoods will increase the likelihood that people will survive – especially in multistorey buildings ie. apartments, offices, hotels, businesses, nursing homes, schools, where you need a quick escape route.

With the PUREAIR smokehood you will signal that human safety is taken seriously.

The PUREAIR smokehood and filter should be discarded immediately after use and may only be used to facilitate evacuation from hazardouz fire. Misuse will void the warranty. The smokehood should not be used in rooms with less than 17% oxygen. Neither the manufacturer, distributor or dealer assumes responsibility for improper use.

The PUREAIR smokehood has to be stored 
at normal temperature away from heat sources, flammable, explosive or corrosive materials or moisture, which can cause corrosion. The filters 
(two red caps) may only be removed when used.

The smookehood is not suitable for young children. It is recommended that adults help children to apply the smokehood if necessary. Be aware, that if the original vacuum sealed package is broken, the smokehood is considered as used and may not be used but must be disposed of immediately.